Delphi Memories

When I was attending my high school lessons, learning some programming was not so common, yet a computer magazine shipped with a free version of Borland Delphi, free because outdated (was for Windows 3.1, and it was alread 1998).

I self learned what I can now define the worst programming language ever (Object Pascal), but with what I can now define the best RAD studio ever!

Here one of my masterpieces:


I’m quite proud of the look and feel, if compared with the standard things at the time ^_^! It can be downloaded for the braves.

Has that experience been useful somehow? Well, for my very first bioinformatics project (2004) I needed to scrape an online database, and… Delphi came to the rescue:

Data scraper in Delphi

(Every other part of my batchelor project has been written in Perl :heart_eyes:)

A totally different story was SmartPad: multiple document interface (MDI) was at that time too hard for me to manage and so the result was a useless WordPad clone:


Didn’t have enough?

Written on June 14, 2019