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23andme_logoI ordered the kit from 23andMe, and can’t wait to check my favourite SNPs (yes, starting from the in-famous Asparagus pee).

The kit arrived quite soon from the US, we’ll spit and send it back. In the meanwhile good to know that 23andMe started supporting iOS Research Kit!

A first positive note is the prepaid shipping envelope. I was sure it worked, but I was scared to feel second-class user shipping from Europe rather than withing the US. In four days arred in Menphis TN from Padua (Italy). Pretty decent!

It’s interesting to note the possibility to download the “raw data”, that looks like:

# rsid chromosome position genotype
rs12564807 1 734462 AA
rs3131972 1 752721 GG
rs148828841 1 760998 CC
rs12124819 1 776546 AA

And can be somehow converted to the standard VCF format for further analysis.